Friday, December 20, 2013

Friday Furball – The Frankster

13Dec20frankie What a gorgeous mancat Frankie has become. He was just a few months old when I first met him. Very difficult to understand how someone would abandon him. If he’s ever been inside a house, it was long before I met him. Just after I took this picture, I held the door open for him. He stuck his head inside and put one paw over the threshold, and that was enough. He hasn’t shown any interest since then in coming inside. Maybe someday.

So, anyway, I made him this house. It has wall to wall carpet inside and a cozy, round cat bed. He used it a few times, but there’s a lot of traffic around his food dishes – at least half a dozen neighbourhood freeloaders (cats with homes) and a few raccoons – and I haven’t seen him in there lately. There are a lot of post-reno scrap piles and plywood lean tos around the yard, so there’s lots of shelter for 13Dec20frankiehouse him if he wants it. He’s a free soul. Today it’s snowing and blowing and cold, and I hope he’s found a warm place to rest.

I made a couple of the to go with the bags I made for my co-workers. If Rusty and Ginger’s reaction were any indicators, I’m sure their cats will love them. As soon as I finished it, Ginger grabbed it by the tail and tried to run away with it, but Rusty stopped her so he could take it away. I trumped them both and put it safely in a 13Dec20mouse cupboard until I could get it out of the house. Guess I know what I’m making them for Christmas. I wonder if I could entice Frankie back into his house if I tossed one on his bed.

I’m leaving a link at Sarah Did It's Feline Friday.

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  1. Frankster is a handsome guy with soulful eyes. I have met and fed cats like him. They come and sit awhile and then sometimes they move on. A few years back we had one that had the most gentle eyes. A big fluffy gray. He appeared on our rail in a snow storm and all I could see were his big luminous eyes. We called him Ghost. I managed to get him into the house a little and tried and tried to make a comfy spot for him to get warm, but one day he just stopped coming around. I thought I saw him in the distance a few times, so I hope he is well and warm. He was a rambling man.

    I wandered in via Feline Friday and have enjoyed your kitty pictures and quilty goodies. Thanks for sharing ... :) Pat

  2. Frankie is definitly a gorgeous cat! And that's quite a kitty casa. I guess I should take a picture of Zorros. I nestled 3 boxes inside each other so he kinda has to do an "s" motion to get in while keepingg the snow out. I cut up an old sweatshirt for warmth. The problem is that he likes to sit ON the boxes but the box tops are collapsing. I'm still working on grandpoppa to build Zorro a wooden kitty casa - or aleast a bench over the boxes...