Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The green house

Boy, October didn’t last very long, did it? And the weather wasn’t all that pleasant, either. I have my fingers crossed that this coming winter is just as short as the summer was.

13Nov6greenhouse At least the colder weather means more time at the sewing machine (even though the backyard is still a mess!) We finished up my greenhouse a week or so ago – as finished as it’s going to get until Spring. Mr. ZQ and I slapped on the last few panels in a major windstorm at almost freezing temperatures. The rest of the painting and building the shelves inside will wait until the Spring. See that mountain of dirt to the left? That’s my vegetable garden underneath it. The guys who did the brickwork over the summer left their wheelbarrow behind until they came back and finished up. I thought I could move that dirt around and level out the garden before winter, but 13Nov6booklets there was just too much else to do.It’ll wait. If worst comes to worst, I’ll grow my tomatoes inside the greenhouse!

I’m always working on something, but I’ve actually finished these! Finish is always good. Last year I made these pocket covers to hold some picture notecards that I donated to a fundraiser. I made some more for this year’s fundraiser. The notecards are about the same, but I think the pocket covers are nicer. Next year, if I do it again, I may even add ribbons to tie the edges together! See, I’m planning ahead. Our towns are rather small to have a 13Nov6inside bunch of postcards made up so, since I’m always taking pictures, I make up these little notecards with my photos. People seem to enjoy them, especially when they can get them for free! And I incorporated a new logo into the covers, using my inkjet printer. I think it worked well. Not sure if I’d recommend putting these through a washing machine, though. It’s been colourfast before when I’ve tested it, but different fabrics, different washers… You never know.

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