Thursday, November 14, 2013

Spot the ham

13Nov14hams I’ve been thinking of purchasing a tailor’s ham since watching my neighbour use one a couple of years ago. But they’re sort of pricey. Well, not really, but we all have our spending priorities – and the price of a ham could almost buy another meter of really great fabric! On the other hand, having a ham is really useful when you’re trying to iron seams that aren’t flat, like seams in clothing or seams in a bag. So when I saw this ham in the hospital’s thrift store the other day with a $2 price tag on it, it was a done deal!

And even though Ginger is sitting next to it in the picture, neither she nor Rusty have actually shown the least bit of interest in it. Might be the only thing in the house they aren’t loading up with hairballs.

Do you like starry quilt blocks? How would you like to be part of a NASA quilt? Something that caught my eye the other day – Astronaut Karen Nyberg has created a star-themed quilt block while in space, on board the International Space Station, and it will become part of a quilt created by quilters around the known universe! Create a 9.5 inch block with a star theme and mail it off to Houston, Texas by Aug. 1, 2014. That should be enough time for the worst of us slowpokes! Click here for more information about the block, and here for information about Karen Nyberg! I’ll show you my block when it’s finished.

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