Sunday, June 30, 2013


13June30tuckered House renovations STILL aren’t finished – a good part of that owing to the record amounts of rain we’ve had this Spring! No one has ever seen the B.C. desert so green before! Poor Ginger, and especially Rusty!, have put up with a lot these last few weeks. We all just want it to stop! The outdoor paving work, which was arranged for and paid for in April (when the weather was very sunny and warm) is not finished. And the deck work can’t start until the paving work is 13June30floor finished (something about stairs and other things).

Aside from the fact that this all began when strong winds blew the deck roof off last Spring (2012), it physically started with the furnace installation in mid-April. Then the new windows shortly after that. I’ve been painting almost non-stop since the windows went in, so it would all be done before the flooring went in. Well, the walls were finished, but the textured ceiling is another story all in itself. Long story short, I’m still working on it. But the walls are beautiful (except 13June30normal for the black marks where the flooring installer hit them with his rubber mallet!!! – nothing that can’t be touched up). The solid hardwood maple flooring is pretty nice. And what is done of the paving is very, very nice. The front walk really puts the rest of the yard to shame.

We are all sooo ready for the noise to stop and to have things return to normal, but the paving and the deck still have to be finished. Did you know that cats can 13June30rusty climb ladders? Both up and down. Sweet Frankie, my sweet little stray boy, still comes for breakfast, lunch and supper every day, but he has to climb an extension ladder to get up onto the deck where I feed him. We had to take the stairs off the deck to accommodate the new heat pump back in April. Part of the deck renovations will be to replace the 13June30mess stairs, but that hasn’t happened yet.

And even though the hall and living room, with its new paint and floor, looks soooo beautiful, It still needs moulding and touch ups where the walls were accidentally marked. So, my sewing machine remains tucked away in a corner. I haven’t been able to do a darn thing on it (too bad it doesn’t paint!) in weeks. And it’ll probably be another 2-3 weeks before I can move it back into its old spot and actually start using it again (three weeks seems to coincide with my vacation). I am so looking forward to that!

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