Sunday, June 9, 2013

Out of chaos…

13June9reno1 Often arises something beautiful. Or, at least, satisfying.

Taking out this old fireplace was only one small part of the renovation, but a large part of what we’ve done couldn’t happen until that was done – and we’ve been wanting to do it for over 10 years.

Once it was gone, we replaced all of the windows… You can see the old front window in the first two pictures, the new window is in the third picture. Now we’re painting and getting ready for new 13June9reno2 flooring. You can’t do any of that when you know that you’ll be removing a large chunk of the living room. After we removed the fireplace, we had to re-texture the ceiling that it covered. What a messy job! I got one-quarter of the gunk on the ceiling, one-third on myself, and the rest of it hit the floor! No wonder they only sell it in huge tubs!

13June9reno3 I wanted to paint the ceiling first, but we decided to do the corner where the TV usually sits so that we can move it back and remove the carpetting underneath where it is right now. Then we can remove the carpetting there and pile all of the future hardwood flooring where the TV used to sit. One day it will all be over. And it will be beautiful! Here’s hoping that we live that long. Rusty and Ginger don’t like it, but they’re coping.

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  1. Wow! Major renovations! We just came through an extended reno, too. It is hard to have workmen under foot and noise and MESS!! Cassie is sending Rusty and Ginger her best wishes.