Sunday, April 14, 2013

A new clutch

13Apr14outside We played our third concert today and we finally gave ourselves a name – Windsong Ensemble. Not terribly original, but we don’t care. We’re the only musicians around who play recorder at more than just a basic learner’s level. We’re sounding pretty good. I just got my tenor back from the repair shop, having the two corks replaced, so now I can add tenor to my repertoire.

In my dreams. Tonight I finished up a Cake Clutch. It made for a really cute little clutch, but the zipper instructions were less than adequate, and sent me off in the  wrong direction – twice. Of course, I’ve made no secret about the hard time I have in following most instructions. I finally got the zipper right by following Kim Sherrod’s Zippy Charm Pouch instructions.

The rest of the Cake Clutch instructions makes a pretty 13Apr14insidenice clutch, though. It's a nice size, a nice weight. Unfortunately, the wrist strap is buried somewhere between the layers (as per the instructions – ignore the first reference to stitching down the wrist strap and proceed to the second reference near the end). It didn’t call for it, but I added a little pocket inside. I think that if I make another one, I’ll add a welt pocket inside, or perhaps a zipper pocket. And I 13Apr14tab added a little tab to attach a keyring to.

I mentioned i my last post that I was ripping out some stitching – I FMQ’d an all over pattern, but it didn’t go well at all on the yellow feature fabric. After I unstitched it, I opted fro two rows of stitches along the edges. I think that looks much better, and keeps it separate from the rest of the fabric. And the best thing of all – the zipper works!

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