Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The big day

12Dec25bag1 How does the time go so fast? When I was a kid, Christmas took forever to arrive. Now, at 53 years of age, it just seems to appear out of nowhere and far too soon.

It’s snowing, there are about 50 sparrows, juncos and finches at my feeders making enough noise to drown out an excited class of kindergarten children, Ginger is curled up on my lap, I am still stuffed from the breakfast I made of scrambled eggs and veggie “sausage” and I had my first nap of the day before noon. I think I need another one! So I guess it really is Christmas.

12Dec25bag2 This little mugbag wasn’t on my original Christmas list, but I figured that my best friend deserved something. We don’t usually exchange Christmas gifts, but I seemed to be making bags for everyone else this year… This cute little carrying bag for a tea cup came from Red Brolly's bliog.Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you’ll find the free pattern there. It took me a day to make.

My friend loved these fabrics when she saw them in a bad I’d made for someone else, and I had just enough left to make a small project like this.

Only trouble is, I don’t have a cup small enough to fit comfortably inside this. Everything I have is too big. She’ll either have to find her own mug or wait until I can find one that fits.

12Dec25bag3 So that’s it for the Christmas sewing for now. I still have one bag and two lap quilts I’d like to make for gifts, but I have less than a week to get my December FMQ Challenge finished – I’d hate to not complete it after coming so far. Everyone who knows me is used to getting their Christmas presents at all time of the year. If I get them out before the end of the year, I’ll be doing well.

Merry Christmas to each and every one of you! Until next time,

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