Saturday, December 8, 2012

One down, 99 to go

12Dec8bag1 I may exaggerate a little. I think I have 5 to go, but with so little time left until I have to give them away, it may as well be 99. Seeing as how it’s taken me exactly one month to finish this (and it’s not quite finished – I still have to tack it down), I ought to be finished them all by the beginning of April!

12Dec8bag2 I grumble a lot, have you noticed? Actually, I’m happy that it’s done. I’m quite happy with the outside pockets with the magnetic clasps.The “recessed”  zipper didn’t quite turn out the way I had hoped, but it works. It might look more like a duffel bag than a handbag, but I’m sure it will get used for something. I used a nice big separating zipper this time. Easy to stitch, fairly easy to attach. Still opens and 12Dec8bag3 closes nice and smoothly.

It measures about 15 by 10 by 3.5 if I recall correctly. Has two outer pockets that close with magnetic clasps (first time I’ve used them). The purse zips closed. Inside I’ve  put two large patch pockets on one side and three smaller ones on the other side. If I did it again, I think I’d make the straps narrower – they’re two-inch and I think they look a bit bulky here. I 12Dec8bag4 used a black and white fabric for the lining. I also used it to line the outer pockets, and as an accent on the straps (I was running out of the blue and white fabric, so it’s actually filler).

Now I just have to tack the corners down and a few other places, like along the center stitch lines of the interior pockets so they stay firmly attached to the rest of the purse when they are used or tugged at, and then I can wrap it up. I’ll be giving it away next week, along with another bag that I haven’t started yet! I’m thinking that this second bag won’t be nearly as complicated as this one! (Not if I’m going to have it done before April.)

Until next time,


  1. You did a great job! I know you will get the others done too. :D

  2. Very nice. I love all its pockets. :D

  3. Cute bag! I need to make one now :-) Good luck getting them done.