Saturday, February 18, 2012

The perils of a Design Floor

12Feb18ginger are that furballs tend to instantly appear on any scrap of fabric you place on one! Don’t mind Ginger. I finished the corners for the Mexican Star and was wondering how they would look by themselves. Not bad. (They make a square, of course, even if it doesn’t look that way in the picture.)  I might make an extra lap quilt out of these to send along with the queen-size, since I’ve got lots extra now of the yellow. But Ginger stays here.

12Feb18noborder Got the corners finished – almost. I have to fix one of them – the one with the two triangles that I cut too small. Funny how important a quarter inch is. After that’s done, I can attach the inner borders. It’s too bad that the strips aren’t long enough to reach from end to end. I’m going to have to add on to them and cross my fingers that it 12Feb18border doesn’t show too much. I could just abandon the whole idea and try something else, but we’ll see how this works out first. I’m just figuring this out as I go along, taking ideas from here and there and hoping that it won’t look too bad by the time I’m done. If nothing else, I guess it will be unique!

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  1. I like your improvisational approach. Very pretty quilt.