Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Furballs and fabric

12Feb21rusty See what I mean. Put some fabric down and watch the furballs accumulate! Last night I finally got everything I needed together to try some scrappy strings, as described by scrappy quilter Bonnie Hunter for her Orca Bay mystery quilt. No pattern needed, just some squares to guide you, cut out of newsprint or some other thin paper-like substance. I have to say, they were fun to make, and they take care of those little bits and scraps of fabric that are too big (or pretty) to toss out, but just a fraction too small to really do anything with. Bonnie’s a genius! And she makes beautiful quilts too. I made a few 3.5-inch practice samples yesterday. Depending on how fussy you want to be (or how extremely talented you are), you can either piece them together the way they come out of the bag, or you can trim them to different widths. I think I’d rather make them a bit more consistent in their widths, which might mean a little extra trimming. That’s just me.

We nave a New Moon arriving today – around 3:30 pm Pacific Standard Time – at 3 Pisces. Haul out those beautiful purples you’ve been saving – purples, indigos and whites. Pisces is generally a spiritual, introspective sign. Pisces sits quietly contemplating its existence in the background until its services are needed, then it is happy to help in any way it can. We feel its influence for the next four weeks. This New Moon is also coupled with Neptune and in good aspect to Jupiter. Both planets highly complement Pisces and add to its ethereal beauty. A word of caution, however: Mercury is in bad aspect to Mars today, which could give rise to hand injuries if you aren’t paying attention to those needles and scissors!

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