Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pretty shiny things

11July13bw Like new fabric! It arrived in the mail yesterday afternoon from Along Came Quilting in Calgary – and I really do have projects in mind for most of it. I ordered some more black and white prints for a Yin/Yang quilt. I have seven sets of opposite prints now, for 21 Yin/Yang blocks. I’m not too sure about the “Fan” prints (at the top of the stack). They look more gray than black and white and I may look for something else, but for now they stay.

I also bought these beauties. I never realized that I had a thing for dragonflies. I used to hate them when I was a kid. We called they “sewing beetles” because they’d land on you and sew up your mouth (sounds like some mother came up with that one). I guess we had the “sewing” part right since I’m getting quite the collection of dragonfly fabric without even trying.

11July13flutterbys The “curly” dragonflies are from Blank Quilting, and the other pattern is from Timeless Treasures. In the middle is a luscious yellow/orange that I bought to make my next quilt. It’s from Northcott’s Rain Forest collection, and it will be combined with this gorgeous purple Laurel Burch print, and this green print. You’ll hear more about that later.

11July13mexicanstarStill binding, but almost finished. The question is, will I be finished before my eyes cross? The good news is that I have three-quarters of one side left to do.

Coming up tomorrow is a Full Moon at 22 Capricorn, occurring at 11:40 pm in my time zone, Pacific Daylight Time, on Thurs., July 14. Capricorn is an Earth sign and rules the 10th House of work and reputation. And since Full Moons can be a bit disruptive, be on alert for problems at work or with authority figures.

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