Sunday, December 27, 2015

And they tell their friends...

Earlier this year, or maybe last year - I can't remember anymore and I haven't bothered to look back through my old posts to see - I started making these cute little fabric wallets from a free and very well written tutorial here:

If that link looks as ugly to you on your screen as it does to me, then google Sew 4 Home fabric wallet and you should come up with it. Actually, the Sew 4 Home has lots of fabulous free patterns and you may get lost there for a very long time. I've found lots of great patterns there - more than I'll ever get around to making.

So, this summer a friend of a friend of a friend asked me to make a couple for her out of some of her favourite fabric. When she said "Laurel Burch" I couldn't resist because I have such a weakness for her beautiful colours and designs. She had seen some of these wallets that I'd made for others and asked me to make two for her. How could I say no? I had to see her fabric!

It was beautiful. It wasn't all Laurel Burch, but it went together very nicely. I added a little bit of my own stash where I thought it would fit in. Please forgive the wonky pictures - I must have been in a hurry! I think she liked them.

Until next time,


  1. What fabulous wallets! I love Laurel Burch fabrics too - and the wallet does show them off beautifully!

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