Monday, September 8, 2014

It’s all about the candy

14Sept8halloween It’s getting dark earlier around here, getting cooler at night. October will be here soon enough and with it the risk of frost. I have my fingers crossed that all of those green tomatoes and green chili peppers will turn red long before that happens. Of course, October is also notable for three other things! – my birthday, Thanksgiving (this is Canada, 14Sept8bag eh?) and Hallowe’en! I made myself wait until September before I started making any Hallowe’en things, even though I was itching to start. I love Hallowe’en.

I found these cute little bags on Fishsticks' blog. She has a free tutorial there for them. I made a little change, though. She calls for fusible fleece on both the outer fabric and the lining. Being the thrifty person I am, I cut back the fleece to just the lining. I realize that fusible fleece is usually attached to the outer fabric, but since the lining overlaps the outer fabric, I attached it to the lining. You have to work both pieces a little more once you’ve sewn them together to get the seams to match up, but it’s not a big problem. Just trim the corners of the lining piece a quarter to half an inch less than called for because the lack of fleece on the outer piece changes the dimensions slightly. I also used less fleece on the handles, cutting 1 and a quarter inches to cover one quarter of the handle fabric. Someone who saw one of my bags last week asked me to make one for her to take to bingos! Coming right up!

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