Thursday, August 14, 2014

After the rain

14Aug14beans Now that the thunderstorm has drifted on, I’ll update you on my week. Sewingwise, it’s been a bit of a wash. I finally got one little wallet finished, but I had to unstitch and redo it at least six times. Taken me forever! In fact, that’s been my whole week with everything that has anything to do with electricity – sewing machines, computers, etc. Not working for me this week.

Sunday morning our power went off (see? electricity), so I went outside and did some watering in the front yard. Where there’s a hornets’ nest. Right under the outdoor water tap. That drips and sprays water. Right into the crack between the porch and the front of the house where the hornets live. This has been going on for months, but one of them was in a bad mood Sunday morning and stung me on 14Aug14catnip the cheek. I’ve never been stung by a hornet before. I put some ice on it right away, and took two grams of vitamin c. It throbbed for the rest of the day and itched the next day, then it was gone.

Bean production has been ramping up. Green and yellow beans and black beans, although I haven’t collected any black beans yet. Tomatoes are starting to ripen, but not as fast as I’d like them to. I’m afraid that they’ll all ripen at once and I won’t have time to pick them (again). Everything is such a mess again. As usual, I plant too much in the space so picking takes a little more time because I have to move carefully. And then there’s the bees in the catnip (above picture). I let the catnip grow, thinking that I’d do something with it this year, like turn it into catnip mice. Ha. It’s been flowering now for about a 14Aug14greenhouse month, and there are at least two dozen bees constantly at the flowers. Which is all right, because they do the tomatoes and peppers while they’re there. But I have to move carefully around them, too. I wonder if they get stoned on catnip the way that cats do. I’d like to know where their honey stash is! Earlier tonight the resident skunk was on the hill just behind our fence, digging in the soft dirt. Everyone shares this yard, but I like it that way. Although, the grasshoppers can move on, I won’t miss them.

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