Sunday, May 18, 2014

What I’ve been up to

14May18greenhouse in my new greenhouse… Growing about a million or so tomato plants, and half as many pepper plants. Seemed like it, anyway, but probably more like just over 200 tomatoes about 50 peppers. Mostly heirloom varieties. Far too many to keep, so I’ve been hauling them down to the local Farmers Market for the past three (rainy) Saturdays. Managed to sell most of them. What I have left are the “exotic” varieties that ripen green or black. And, for some reason, the Amish Paste – only sold one out of 30-some plants. The Super Italian Paste went quick enough. Perhaps I should have renamed them “Super Amish Paste”! Adding the unsold plants to those I held back for my own planting (2 of each of 12 tomato varieties), I have about 90 tomato plants to stick in the ground somewhere. And about 30 pepper plants – mostly hot peppers.

My vegetable garden still has a tonne of dirt mixed with rocks sitting of it from last year’s renovations, so it’s not likely that I’ll be able to use that this year. I guess there’s always the front yard. I promised all of the would-be buyers that I’d be dragging truckloads of green and black tomatoes back to the market come summer! Need to start shopping for a pressure cooker. I have dozens of herb plants that I have to repot now and take to the market.

14May18clutches And what have I been sewing lately? Not a lot. My new needle plate arrived and my sewing machine is happy again. Even though I pounded my old plate back into shape, I noticed when I compared it to the new one that it was still missing a spring. Anyhow, the machine is humming along, but I wasn’t. For weeks, it seemed like every time I sat down to sew, I’d make another big, ugly mistake that would take time to correct. After I ruined the third of the clutches, I gave up and went out the greenhouse. You can’t tell by the picture, but I sewed too close to the zipper on the top clutch and can’t zip it without catching material in it. The one on the bottom, I made a mess of the inside pocket. The latest one… I unstitched it today so I can redo it properly.

Too much on my mind lately, I think. I was better off in the greenhouse. But now that the tomato rush is over, maybe I’ll get back to sewing. Especially if it’s going to rain on every weekend.

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