Thursday, January 16, 2014


14Jan16yard I’m getting a late start to the new year! Everything here feels like it’s moving through molasses and everyone is telling me the same thing – that they’re having a hard time getting back into work mode after the holidays. Maybe we’re all just looking for something new! One of the volunteer groups I’m involved with is planning a Seedy Saturday for Feb. 1 for all of the local garden enthusiasts who’ve had enough of winter. Me included.

14Jan16chaos I’ve also been working on my mariner’s star quilt, which I’ve renamed “Chaos Under The Heavens”. Or maybe Wild and Wacky. I’m sure you can figure that one out. Looking at the picture, I can see all sorts of ways I could have softened the colour separation and done things differently. It was an experiment, and, as my music partner says whenever we make a mistake - “Keep going!” It’s a little late to change things around now. Either I finish it or toss it out. Just have a few more sections to sew together before I put a border on it.

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