Thursday, August 22, 2013

Supersize me

13Aug22corners I’m back at work now; the deck renovation actually began this morning! (I had given up hope); and I’ve been working on a mariner star – patterned quilt for the past few days. I planned to do more work on it during my vacation, but I misplaced the pieces that I’d photocopied and only re-located them a week or so ago. It’s a free pattern called Sailing By The Stars from RJR Fabrics. The stars are paper-pieced and the rest is template. Now, the star pieces have to be enlarged 200 per cent. Don’t know why, but I figured that applied to the templates as well, so I enlarged everything. I looked at the templates for days while I was putting together the first star, thinking “Really?” So I went ahead and made the big template pieces.

13Aug22star No, not really. It didn’t fit at all, so I looked at the original pattern and it finally dawned on my what “full sized template” meant. So… the teeny tiny template pieces worked much better. Finished my first star. Unfortunately, it looks like I’ve lost the points on the first two quarters I made. The second two went together just like they were supposed to. The paper is still on the back of the stars, so I’m hoping that it won’t look so obvious once I remove all of it.

This is my first attempt at curved piecing – it was bound to happen sooner or later! I think I’m liking it.

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  1. Wow! So beautiful...your work is really impressive!