Saturday, March 16, 2013

Saturday sewing

13March16stars Today I got to spend most of the day at my sewing machine! It seems like forever since I’ve had time just to sit and sew. I sewed together all 12 of the sawtooth stars I was working on. I’m going to start on a second dozen in a purple and blue range for two matching lap quilts. These stars were brown to gray, with blues and maroons on there for some variety.

I was thinking of doing Half Square Triangles for the corners, but I ran out of at least one of the fabrics that I used for the stars, so what I had in mind wouldn’t work. Besides, it’s easier to do it this way.

The local quilt guild had started holding night meetings again. They started doing that in 2009 and that’s when I joined them and began quilting. But early in 2010 they stopped. I couldn’t join in with any of their meetings or other activities, 12July12bernie because they were all happening during the day while I was at work, so I dropped out as a member. It isn’t a large guild to start with, and there are only three of us who come out on Thursday nights to sew, but that’s okay.

I brought my little Bernina 707 Minimatic with me last week. I really haven’t had much of a chance to wind her up since I got her back from the repair shop last summer, but she was just going a-tickety-boo the other night. Beautiful stitching. Unfortunately, I had my brain on backwards and everything I sewed had to be unstitched. One of those days when the little voice inside your head tells you to back away slowly from the sewing machine and go read a book or something similar that you can’t screw up.

But it’s all good now. We’re back on track.

Until the next time,


  1. Hi Wendy, Your sawtooth stars look fantastic and your cat looks bored. LOL what was wrong with your stitching at the guild meeting?

  2. That's one groovey machine! It is good to read someone else struggles with the work conundrum. My mom remind me I would be to collect fabric or go to classes at all if I didn't have my day job.