Sunday, February 24, 2013

The flowers are up!

13Feb24snowdrops Seeing flowers popping up in my flowerbed makes me so happy – even if they are Snowdrops! And even if there is still snow on the ground (yes, that is snow in the foreground), It’s been melting like crazy for the past week, so there isn’t much left. I can finally walk out to our back fence without having to trudge through the snow (or mud). While I was in the backyard this afternoon, looking around, I noticed some big, beautiful turnips in my vegetable garden that I hadn’t pulled out before the snow came. Just didn’t have the time. They were sitting half out of the ground, so I pulled one out expecting it to be mushy with having been frozen. I don’t know what it will taste like, but it was nicely firm – neither mushy nor woody. Guess I’d better grab the rest of them tomorrow. At the least, I can cook and mash them, and freeze them. I’ll toss a couple of them in a stew tomorrow night and see how it goes. I wonder if the beets and carrots 13Feb24cupsH out there are still good.

Still having fun with my cups. Some of them have turned out better than others. I’m still experimenting and learning about colour combinations. I used four of my more favourite results to make a little wallhanging for the office coffee room. The rest will be a runner for the shelf we dry our coffee mugs on.

While I was deciding what to use for a sashing, I rediscovered a fat quarter of this coffee bean material. I had picked out another fabric that I thought would go better colour wise, but the coffee beans were just too appropriate.

13Feb24cupsR Until next time,

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