Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Snowdrops and vines

12March7snowdrop Without even expecting it, I saw some snowdrops up on March 4. It was a beautiful, warm day – 17 C / 66F -but still. I don’t usually see my snowdrops until mid-March or even later. This is a good sign. I wanted to wait until sun was on that part of the yard before I took pictures of them, but I forgot. (Nothing unusual there!)

The next day it snowed. And snowed. Winter blustered its way back, but i got my pictures. Snowdrops in the snow.

12March7snow Temperatures are supposed to warm up after the Full Moon on Thursday morning (18 Virgo). And not a day too soon. This is only March, after all, and I expect the temperatures to swing between gorgeous and ugly! And the lousy winter intrusions haven’t really bothered me like it has with most other people I know – until now. Now I’m starting to get a little… cranky … when I see more snow falling. But I know that Summer will be here (and gone) before we know it.

12March7quilting Spurred by the success of my little bag, I returned to work on my (Really) Big Tote. Artist Terri Stegmiller has an easy tutorial on her blog for a basic tote with a flat bottom and side pockets. Even I could follow directions, so it must be easy, I made a minor goof with finishing the inside seam, but everything else went together smoothly like she said it would. I am thrilled!

12March7bag I used a bunch of ugly fabric that’s been hanging around. Except for the handle fabric, everything came from the local thrift store and has been hanging around for two or three years. I’m glad to get rid of it. But in using it for this tote, I also found myself thinking “That doesn’t look so bad after all!” Funny how that happens. It’s a really big bag, and I got lots of practice with my Free Motion Quilting. I haven’t practiced my “leaves” for over a month, so I decided to work on them with this project. And, yeah, I’m back to the variegated thread – Mettler cotton. This time I really liked the way it came out. It’s all about experience. So now that my experimental bag has turned out “not bad”, I think I’ll try again using some of my favourite fabric. Maybe I’ll add an inside pocket, or a flap or a magnetic closure, or some applique. So many options! I won’t know what I’ve decided until I choose.

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