Sunday, March 17, 2013

In a galaxy closer than you think…

13March17galaxy I’m still working away on these little 6 inch galaxy stars. They are a free paper pieced pattern by Mary Ann Beattie and you can find it here along with many other neat little PP patterns. It might be a tad last minute, but there’s a shamrock pattern here also. If you want just the Galaxy Stars, scroll down the page until you get to Star Galaxy Star.

I said that I was working on 6 inch stars, but that is 3 inch squared. I have some fabric picked out to work on the bigger six-inch stars, but that’ll come later. I’m having too much fun with these right now. I’ve been meaning to make a sewing machine cover for my Horizon, and I think it’s slowly appearing before my eyes! What do you think of the blue star? I came across this material while I was working on the cups. It’s the same gauzy material as the yellow, and I figured that it would fit right in. Personally, I like it. I have enough material for two or three more of the blue stars.

Until next time,


  1. Love it! What a perfect sewing machine cover that will be!

  2. That is beautiful...I love that blue star in there