Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Seeing stars!

13Feb13lake Today was a mostly beautiful sunny day. I took the day off work because Mr. ZQ wanted to go to the “big city” to pick up a camera he’d ordered. It was my birthday present to him, even though his birthday isn’t for three weeks. The weather here hasn’t turned into Spring overnight, but the snow has diminished to just a bit here and there. The end is nigh. And the big lake between our town and the city was very calm and 13Feb13star pretty today, reflecting the hills on the other side.

I’m still hopping from one project to another. I’ll get back to the cups pretty soon, but a few days ago I found this lovely free pattern of Galaxy Stars by Mary Ann Beattie and had to try a few. They are simple to paper piece and go together quickly. Even Mr. ZQ thinks they look pretty cool. I’ve been practicing with the 3-inch paper pieced stars, and this is what six blocks look like. (I see that I’ve lost a point or two because I’ve tried to cut corners). Last weekend I picked up some gorgeous Laurel Burch fabric at my local quilt store to make some “real” galaxy stars – orange and pale yellow stars on a purple background. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with my practice piece. I love 13Feb13starfabric the colours in it. Maybe I’ll finally make a permanent cover for my sewing machine. or a runner. The three-inch blocks are too small to make a quilt – I’d be at it for years!

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